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[Addons] DeathRun eXtreme

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Autor: Anonim

Descriere: This addons uses DeathRun Fun mode and runs on LINUX . The addon does not make a lag and is for classic DR servers

Imagini obligatorii:


DeathRunManager.amxx; Basic Plugin v3.0.3
dp_test.amxx; It comes with DProto
1.amxx; AntiFlood HaveFun Edition
2.amxx; Fix attack with exploit on sv
3.amxx; sv_unlag 1 & rate_manager
4.amxx; ForceDS_Function
respawn.amxx; Respawn Plugin
DrShop.amxx A highly performing DRShop with many abilities.
; rang_admin_chat.amxx; When you talk in Chat, it appears: [ex. [OWNER] Laur: What are you doing? ]
; transfer_life.amxx; Life System
DRM_trigger_hurt_fix.amxx; Fix DRM_hurt_tigger
team_join.amxx; When you connect to the server, it will directly drag CT and Tero from cvar
stuck.amxx When blocking this plugin will unlock
no_jointeam.amxx; No joining
b-hop.amxx; Auto BHOP system
specinfo.amxx; See what keys the player clicks on
; dr_duel.amxx; When left 1-1 (CT / T) you can give / duel (activate only if you turn off respawn)
knife_mod.amxx; An advanced knife_MOd

Link Donwload: http://www.girlshare.ro/4230579.1


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