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[Addons] Zombie Biohazard v2.2

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Autor:Trebor Unaerugnu & YONTU

Descriere:Modul Zombie Biohazard este un scenariu clasic de supravietuire impotriva creaturilor insetate de sange. Tinta ta este sa lupti impotriva creaturilor si sa eviti sa fii infectat. Daca nu esti norocos si devii infectat, noua ta tinta este sa infectezi/ucizi supravietuitorii. Supravietuitorii au la indemana 2 lasere pe runda care ii protejeaza de atacul nemilos al creaturilor si ii ajuta sa ajunga in locuri inaccesibile creaturilor, catarandu-se pe acestea. Creaturile au la dispozitie si ele lasere care pot fii folosite impotriva supravietuitorilor dar si 7 rase la alegere, toate cu abilitati diferite.

Imagini obligatorii:-


א Added-Plugins

amx_gag.amxx ; This is the best advanced gag plugin you will ever find, as the player is gagged, even if he is gonna delete his CS 1.6 and Install it again, he will still have gag.
Also remember, this gag is in seconds so for example, use it like this, amx_gag Trebor 600 (600 means seconds, that means 10 minutes)

amx_who.amxx ; This plugin is a nice amx_who system that shows the ADMINS, VIPS or SLOTS, in your console. Can be accesed only by the STAFF, so in this way, hackers won't know who's admin is online, so they can be caught using hacks

banned_info_sistem.amxx ; This plugin is an advanced banned with info system for the banned player. He will be banned and his console will automatic show every info that needs in order to visit your forum for an unban request or other things

rank_display.amxx ; A simple rank system with 17 Levels and Ranks for players to have fun with, no rewards, just a rank so you people will know who's the best

legend_connect.amxx ; A plugin that shows the Legend player with flag "a". Also contains connect and deconnect message

multijump.amxx ; A plugin that allows the players to multi jump

silent_nades.amxx ; A plugin that stops the messages like "Fire in the Hole". In this way you can avoid chat flooding(Strongly recommended)

block_radio.amxx ; A plugin that stops radio messages like "Go go go", "Stick together team", etc. So in this way, you can avoid chat flooding(Strongly recommended)

resetscore.amxx ; A good and simple plugin to reset your score to 0-0

lastround.amxx ; A good plugin for last round when the map has almost finished, this one, is forcing the server to allows the last round for players

money_transfer.amxx ; Just a plugin to transfer money($) to other players, I recommend using this plugin only if you have bio_shop_menu.amxx active

ghostchat.amxx ; This plugin allows dead and alive people to talk to each other, by using the chat(Y/U)

last_maps.amxx ; By typing /maps in chat, you will see the last 5 maps played on your server, this command can be used by admins and players as well

loadingsound.amxx ; A nice plugin that makes your loading bar more intersting, when the players will connect on your server, untill the resources are getting downloaded, a nice music will be played so they can relax

advanced_fog.amxx ; This plugin can create fog on your server, any color

manual_unstuck.amxx ; This plugin is very usefull, when a player gets stuck in a laser for example, he can type /unstuck in chat and he will be imediatelly unstucked

GHW_Weapon_Replacement.amxx ; You can use this plugin to add model skins to your weapons

Restricted_Names.amxx ; This plugin is a restricted name system, that can be used for players with bad names or other server advertising names such as, IP or DNS ADRESS

botname.amxx ; This plugin can add 2 INFO BOTS on your server, you can put them spec with some infos about your server or forum, really usefull in my opinion, I always use this plugin

ad_manager.amxx ; This plugin is a fixed chat messages plugin that won't create chat flooding like others. Really usefull, I am using it to advertise informations about my server

transfer.amxx ; This plugin is for admins only, to transfer players to different teams such as (amx_ct, amx_t, amx_spec)

parasuta_fara_models.amxx ; This plugin is a parachute plugin without model. I always use this plugin rather than others, because the parachutes models can block other players visibility and can create lag, so I rather not use models

afk_slay.amxx ; This plugin will detect and slay afk players(30 seconds since the round started, that's the time I am using it to balance my server, you can change it as you wish anyway)

auto_join_on_connect.amxx ; This plugin will auto join players to random teams T or CT. I always use this plugin when I boost my servers, really usefull, trust me.

user_tag_prefix.amxx ; This plugin can set players TAG PREFIX

amx_virus_final.amxx ; This plugin is a really usefull plugin against hackers, even against the kids with Steam ID changer or dynamic IP, this one will be a pain in the ass for them. You can play arround with 3 commands (amx_virus, amx_virus_v2 amx_exterminate). Enjoy.

semiclip_final.amxx ; This is the best semmi-clip for a Zombie Server, 100% working without bugs.

target_info.amxx ; This plugin is an updated plugin for informations about your Teamates or Enemyes. Using this, you can forget about no-name players bug.

unlimited_ammo.amxx ; This plugin will give ultimited ammo for weapons, watch out, UNLIMITED AMMO, not UNLIMITED CLIP. Really usefull for Zombie Biohazard Servers and not only.

binds_info.amxx ; This plugin is my favorite, it's actually for idiots that can't even open their consoles. By typing /binds in your chat, it will automatically open your console with the binds you have to write in order to use the server facilities.

top15_oldones.amxx ; A new top15 interface, that contains a banner that can be chanced with whatever you want to represent your server. And, in order to reward the first 3 places in your top15, I added 3 trophies for each place, gold, silver and platinum.

א Bio-Plugins

*==Biohazard core plugins==*

cs_ham_bots_api.amxx ; API to RegisterHam for CSBot
cs_teams_api.amxx ; API to set player teams
cs_player_models_api.amxx ; API to set player models
cs_maxspeed_api.amxx ; API to set player speeds
cs_weap_models_api.amxx ; API to set player weapon models
biohazard.amxx debug ; Biohazard core plugin

*==Zombie Classes==*

bio_smoker2.amxx ; Smoker Zombie Class [Can drag Humans with his Tongue]
bio_class_frosty.amxx ; Zombie Frost Class [Can freeze Humans by pressing G]

*==Sub Bio-Plugins==*

bio_radar.amxx ; Zombies can see the last human on radar
bio_ambience.amxx ; Horror ambience sounds while the round is active
bio_countdown_fix.amxx ; Countdown untill the Infection will spread
bio_last_human.amxx debug ; Last Human system that gives some pretty nice abilities for the last man so he can fight vs all the Zombies
bio_painsounds_new.amxx ; Horror and Pain sounds for Zombies
bio_human_powers.amxx ; 5 Classes for Humans, with different abilities
bio_item_mode.amxx ; This plugin is a reward plugin, everytime a humans kills a Zombie he will get a reward
bullet_damage.amxx ; This plugin shows the damage dealt, in real time
bio_nvg_new.amxx ; A NightVision system that will never create lag
bio_frostnades.amxx ; Frost Grenade, can freeze zombies
bio_explodes.amxx ; When you kill a Zombie, his body will explode, I strongly recommend using this one on your server, in this way, you will avoid lot of entity bugs and lag on your server
bio_removelaser.amxx ; This is a plugin for admins, pretty easy to use and very usefull. Just watch the lasermine you want to remove and type in your console "amx_removelaser" and that's all, that laser would dissapear
bio_lasermines_final2.amxx ; This is the most advanced and balanced plugin for lasermines you will ever find, it has a protection system, owner system, hp system, anti-lag system and many more, test it.
bio_napalm_nades.amxx ; Napalm Nades, can burn zombies.
bio_smokeflare.amxx ; Advanced Smoke LightFlare, that won't cause lag or disconfort.
bio_gamemenu.amxx ; By pressing M, you will acces your Game Menu.
infect_effect.amxx ; A nice effect when a zombie infects a human.

*==Unfinished/Different situations plugins==*

;bio_shop_trebor.amxx ; This one is a shopmenu that contains 2 items for now, 1 for Zombies and 1 for Humans, I didn't had time to finish it so, if you want to add more items, you should do it, it's pretty easy.
;bio_shop_menu.amxx ; This shop belongs to YONTU, for Biohazard, this one is finished, it containts arround 5-6 items that can be used. So you can use this one if you don't want to finish mine, your choice.
;bio_leader.amxx ; This plugin is calculating the TAB score and shows in chat the Leader of that round, I don't recommend using this plugin anyway, because I don't know, I don't like it, but if you want, use it along with "bio_addon_modelindex"
;bio_miscstats.amxx ; Some info miscs announcement and sounds about the Last Human vs all the Zombies for example, or other events that are happening on the current server. I don't recommend using this one as well, since you have bio_last_human.amxx.
;bio_zombie_hibryd.amxx ; Zombie Hibryd [Can stop time and use his Fast Run Ability] -Unfinished for this v2.2 Version, do it if you have time
;bio_zombie_light.amxx ; Zombie Ghost [Can be invisible] -Unfinished for this v2.2 Version, do it if you have time
;bio_elementalclass.amxx debug ; Zombie Elemental [Can control elemental powers, such as Fire, Ice, Water and Wind] -Unfinished for this v2.2 Version, do it if you have time
;bio_shop_force_field_grenade ; This is an item for Bio Shop, you can use it to create a force shield that will last 10 seconds and will protect you from the Zombies. -Unfinished for this version v2.2, do it if you have time

Link Donwload:MediaFire

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