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Found 3 results

  1. Nume : Vârsta : Experiență Photoshop : Activitate zilnică : Link Portofoliu : Două creații făcute pentru comunitate Newmoon : Cele mai bune avatare facute de tine + PSD: Alte precizari?: REGULAMENT Pentru o cerere trebuie să aveți o activitate bună la aceasta categorie! Vârsta minimă de 15 ani! Dacă ați fost Respinsi, puteti face o altă cerere peste o săptămână (7 zile) ! Verdictul final va fi dat de un Administrator sau de Leader-ul GFX !
  2. Cererea Lider se face completand modelul de mai jos. Aceasta se va face intr-un topic separat, cu titlul [ Numele Factiunii ] Cerere Lider - Numele tau Model Nume: Nickname: Varsta: Factiunea la care doresti Lider: Experienta ca Lider: Ai mai fost Lider inainte?:
  3. What is all about with this project. We start this project to know what like and don't like our members from other country,with other religions. This project is based with some question dedicated to members ans staff to know much things about all people. In this project will participated all members (Romania,Indonesia,Algeria,USA,Turkey and other countrys). I hope all people enjoyed this project and LET'S MAKE SOME INTERVIEWS. Good Luck! The model can be changed in time with others questions! Model: Personal Questions: Q: How old are you now? A: Q: Do you like any sport? A: Q: Which team do you support? A: Q: Are you single, dating or coiled? A: Q: What's your favorite food? A: Q: To finalize the personal questions, could you tell some funny situation that happened in your life? A: Indungi Questions: Q: When and how did you meet Indungi? A: Q: Your first Nick on a server? A: Q: What was the first server you played? A: Q: What is your favorite server (actually)? A: Q: What are your goals at Indungi today? A: Staff Questions: Q: We know that you are (rank name here), how is your (rank name here) experience? A: Q: Who inspired you to be part of STAFF? A: Q: One day, do you see yourself as (rank name here) ? A: Q: What is your goal within the Team? A: Q: Mention Admins that you admire: A: Q: Mention SuperMods that you admire: A: Q: Mention Moderators that you admire: A: Q: Mention members in general that you respect: A: Hit and turn (fast answers): Q: hot or cold? A: Q: movie or series? A: Q: life or death? A: Q: blue or red? A: Q: sword or axe? A: Q: love or hate? A: Q: rap or pop? A: Q: music or dance? A: Q: airplane or car? A: Q: A country? A: Q: A famous? A: Q: A dream? A: Final Considerations: Q: Did you like the interview? A: Q: Is there anything to improve (about Interview)? A: Q: Would you like to say something before finalizing A: Thanks (name of the member here) for showing up at my interview.

Despre Noi

Suntem o comunitate cu domeniul NewMoon din 2018 dar cu o echipa Administrativă formată în anul 2012. Scopul nostru este să va readucem plăcerea de a va distra și de a întemeia noi prietenii.


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