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Found 1 result

  1. HOW TO USE: 1) first of all, be sure to run Notepad as an administrator and open the file with it C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Adding one line to the end sensum.pw It won't work without it! 2) Extract all files from the archive to any folder (BE sure to extract everything, and do not run directly from the archive!). Launching the reg.reg, it will add a token to the registry (well, rather, what we will feed to the reader as a token). The first and second points will only need to be done once. 3) Open the laragon-2.2 folder and launch laragon.exe, click "Start all" (this is a local web server, everything necessary for the server part of the cheat is already there, all the cfg will be saved in laragon-2.2/www/sensum.pw/configs in the form of files with the extension .json, you can share them with friends who also use quack, or even raise your server). 4) Launch the COP. Injecting memepaste.dll with any manual map (important) injector, preferably andetect, but, since the software is now possible in the detector, I do not recommend using it on expensive accounts (but it is possible that everything is OK) DOWNLOAD : https://anonfile.com/xaS3v1keo7/memecrack29.03.2020_rar
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