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  1. Only use this in lobbies with 0-10 people to avoid getting a bonus reward. It won't work. Getting a bonus reward while using the hack could result in your account getting banned due to very high transactions. Just wanted to share this gem since the older thread won't get updated. All credits go to Complexicon This tool adds up to 5 Mil cash to your account after completing a bunker mission. You obviously need a bunker to use this hack! There is a ReadMe.txt with all the instructions on how to use! READ IT! Make sure to FINISH the mission to get paid, otherwise it won't work at all. DON'T destroy a package or cancel the mission. Virusscans: Virusscan Jotti Virustotal Before you even start asking: Yes, you can get banned for this. Use at your own risk and don't generate too much cash in a short time. It's recommended to limit the daily income to 15mil ! Have fun getting this money. Downloadable Files https://ufile.io/nh44kmj5
  2. oMbEAt


    Nick :oMbEAt Nick-ul jucatorului banat : OpuSuM IP & SteamID-ul acestuia : STEAM_0:0:48029295 Data & Ora :10/15/2019 Motiv :wall Dovada(OBLIGATORIU) :http://www.girlshare.ro/3769800628
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    Nick server: oMbEAt Varsta: 33 Steam ID & Link Profil: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009796584/ Ore Jucate (link gametraker AICI minim 20 de ore): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Experienta Adminare: Da Interval ore activitate pe Server(Seara/Dimineata): dupa ora 16 Ai citit regulamentu (Da / Nu): [(keyword: kreskova)] Poti dona (Da / Nu): Da

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Suntem o comunitate cu domeniul NewMoon din 2018 dar cu o echipa Administrativă formată în anul 2012. Scopul nostru este să va readucem plăcerea de a va distra și de a întemeia noi prietenii.


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