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  1. 2Take1External created by Popstar Devs Player Options God Give Health Never Wanted Off the Radar Wanted Level Run Speed Swim Speed Super Jump Explosive Melee Seatbelt No Ragdoll Infinite Stamina Damage Modificator Melee Damage Modificator Vehicle Damage Modificator Walk on Air Suicide Bullshark Testosteron Vehicle Options God Demi-God Bulletproof Tires Deformation Modificator Acceleration Modificator UpShift Modificator Brake Force Modificator Traction Modificator Gravity Modificator Suspension Force Modificator Infinite Voltic Boost Rainbow Vehicle Mods Set License Plate Turbo Xenon Lights Tire Smoke Window Tint Vehicle Colors Weapons Fill Ammo Explosive Ammo Fire Ammo Quick Reload Bullet Damage Muzzle Velocity Bullets in Batch Batch Spread Lockon Range Weapon Range No Spinup Misc Anti Afk Snow Kill all Peds Ped Drop Weather Mobile Radio Deliver Ammo Deliver Minigun Casino Chips Bypass Event Defuser Tunables Indipendence Day Christmas Valentines Day Halloween New Year Event DLC Snow Kiddions Vehicle Spawner Teleport Menu Read the README Download : https://ufile.io/k7zj9gs5
  2. de iubuta mea iti place sa mergi la mare iarna ?
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