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  1. AleCso

    Opel Zafira

    Nume:Opel Zafira Putere:150cp Greutate:1405kg Poze/Video:
  2. AleCso


    Nume:Porsche Cayenne Putere:550cp Greutate:2080kg Poze/Video:
  3. AleCso

    Opel Insignia

    Nume:Opel Insignia Putere:160cp Greutate:1623kg Poze/Video:
  4. AleCso

    Audi A4

    Nume:Audi A4 Putere:140cp Greutate:1530kg Poze/Video:
  5. Nume:Mitsubishi Outlander Putere:140cp Greutate:1655kg Poze/Video:
  6. AleCso

    Mercedes B200

    Nume:Mercedes B200 Putere:140cp Greutate:1300kg Poze/Video:
  7. Nume:Mercedes E 250 CDI Putere:201cp Greutate:1735kg Poze/Video:
  8. Nume:Suxuki Grand Vitra Putere:129cp Greutate:1445kg Poze/Video:
  9. Nume:Mitsubishi Pajero Putere:165cp Greutate:2085kg Poze/Video:
  10. AleCso

    Hyundai I30

    Nume:Hyundai I30 Putere:90cp Greutate:1366kg Poze/Video:
  11. AleCso

    Peugeot 508

    Nume:Peugeto 508 Putere:112cp Greutate:1910kg Poze/Video:
  12. AleCso

    Skoda Octavia

    Nume:Skoda Octavia Putere:102cp Greutate:1440kg Poze/Video:
  13. AleCso

    Seat leon

    Nume:Seat Leon Putere:110cp Greutate:1172kg Poze/Video:
  14. Nume:Volkswagen Tiguan Putere:170cp Greutate:1568kg Poze/Video:
  15. AleCso

    Ford Focus

    Nume:Ford Focus Putere:90cp Greutate:1290kg Poze/Video:
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