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  1. CsM

    Un ban Havit.

  2. CsM

    Un ban Havit.

    I ask you for the last time I see that your stupidity goes around .. did you make the distinction between the 2 pictures? expect the admins to give their opinion
  3. CsM

    Un ban Havit.

    did you distinguish between the 2 pictures? I made you the normal picture and look how it turned out .. no more crying as the woman I caught you playing dirty and in relation to the so-called abuse you observed ... admins do their job as well as you can. are you a player who has been previously claimed to be playing with codes in the evening when they are not admin on. so a good evening
  4. CsM

    Cerere admin

    asta era ma ,hai sa te învăț putin cs :))
  5. CsM

    Cerere Admin BoBoK

  6. Tipul [avatar / semnatura / banner / logo / etc] : Avatar. Text principal : CsM Text secundar [newmoon.ro] : mosnegii.newmoon.ro Dimensiuni : Stock / Render / Tema : https://imgur.com/a/nySldif sau https://imgur.com/a/c6xvsUN Ultima cerere facuta : Alte precizari :
  7. CsM

    console.. Sony:))

    I took your picture and you left the server .. so good day I do not give you unban
  8. CsM

    UN BAN Hdmi

    then why does your picture not look like this? if you didn't use code the picture had to be green
  9. CsM

    UN BAN Hdmi

    this is how a normal picture https://imgur.com/a/Ai990gZ

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