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NM | Premium Member (upgrade your account)

☾ K ☽

If you want to buy a Premium Account you should talk to ☾ K ☽ them after you have made the money transfer.



PayPal : stefanomirea22@gmail.com

PaySafe Card : Contact☾ K ☽

Bank Transfer : RO65BTRLRONCRT0513173301 RON

                           RO15BTRLEURCRT0513173301 EURO

Western Union : Contact ☾ K ☽



Premium Member for one month - 3€

(MOST WANTED) Premium Member for three months - 8€ (MOST WANTED)

Premium Member one year - 30€



If you want to enter a password-protected section, you can do so now.

Access will also be added to our TeamSpeak & Discord servers.


Conversation storage quota UNLIMITED
Maximum cover photo size?  UNLIMITED
Premium Members can create clubs
Maximum number of reactions allowed to give per day UNLIMITED
Can change display name 3 times every 30 days (normal member 1 time)
Can use signatures ALWAYS
Maximum number of Links in Signature 3 (normal member 1)
Maximum number of images in signature 2 (normal member 1)



Access to any channel even if it is secured by a password.

Ignore ban from everyone except the owner.

Private channel in the Premium Member area.

Access to move players from TeamSpeak.

Your messages have no limit, you can communicate with anyone.

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